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If you are looking for fun things to do in Florida, look no further than Florida Fringe Tourism. We display Florida tourist attractions and haunted places in Florida that are off the beaten path, full of dark secrets and haunted history. We show you haunted places in Florida that you can’t find on other Florida tourism and Florida vacation websites. Florida tourist attractions that are more than beaches and sunshine, and Florida tourism is more than what you see in those theme park brochures. Florida tourism is more about haunted places in Florida that provide fun things to do in Florida!

Visit Florida tourist attractions that are famous for their legends, haunted history, and paranormal lore. We offer coupons for shopping at metaphysical shops, discounts on admission to various Florida tourist attractions, and free to see fun things to do in Florida. We make Florida tourism like digging for buried pirate treasure, the deeper you dig, the more awesome Florida tourism you find!

Florida Tourist Attractions

Offering a rich amount of haunted places in Florida to visit, we display such things as civil war battlefields, unexplained ruins from centuries ago, mysterious carvings in bedrock, and tons of reports of hauntings, ghosts, and witches!


We showcase strange and odd Florida tourist attractions like the world’s smallest post office and the world’s smallest police station. We display Florida’s beautiful state parks with natural beauty as well as mysterious geological phenomena. We guide you on tours of historical landmarks and ancient ruins, as well as unexplained man made carvings and native American relics that are centuries old. And if ghost hunting is your thing, we have plenty for you, too! Haunted cemeteries, famous burials, paranormal hot spots, ghosts and spirits that haunt houses, hotels, and Florida tourism locations.

Volcano In Florida

Florida tourism is known for paranormal and haunted locations around St. Augustine, but much of the state is shrouded in mysterious legends that few know about. We shed a light on these forgotten chunks of history, mysterious legends, and haunted lore!

Make your next Florida vacation more than the usual theme parks and beaches. Use Florida Fringe Tourism to find Florida tourism that will make a memorable trip through the most fun things to do in Florida.


If you love ghost stories, historical mysteries, urban legends, oddities or off-beat tourist attractions, then you have found the perfect place to plan your Florida vacation! We showcase some of the best Florida tourist attractions that you won’t find on other tourism sites.

This is a collection of some of the most fun things to do in Florida, from eerie haunted cemeteries to famous (or infamous) legends. We take you on a tour of history’s forgotten secrets, from mysterious ruins to museums and nature walks. Love a good ghost tale? We have ghost towns, ghost lights, and ghost tours. Interested in history? We have centuries-old monuments and crumbling ruins. We offer you the most obscure and rare “fringe” sight seeing locations available.

Edgar J. Watson
in Fort Myers
E.J. Watson was one of Florida's most notorious mass murderers, a man who hired field workers from Key West and then murdered them on payday!
Carrabelle Bottle House
The Carrabelle Bottle House
in Carrabelle
They say that there's no place like home ... especially when it's a house constructed completely of glass bottles!
Koreshan State Historic Site
Koreshan State Historic Site
in Estero
This religious sect practiced celibacy, which it believed created immortality. When its leader died, followers continued to believe despite the irony.
Haunted fort in St. Augustine
Castillo de San Marcos
in St. Augustine
This medieval fort, built in 1672, has been the scene of many bloody battles, and is now one of the most haunted places in America.
Volcano In Florida
The Wakulla Volcano
in Wakulla County
For over 100 years, unexplained smoke billowed from the Wacissa Swamp until an earthquake seemingly closed off this possible volcano forever.
The Florida Railroad Museum near Tampa, Florida
The Florida Railroad Museum
in Parrish
Are you up for a nostalgic ride through some of Florida's most beautiful swamps, forests, and fruit fields? Then this train is for you!
Southernmost Point in U.S. near Key West, Florida
Southernmost Point in U.S.
in Key West
Closer to Cuba than Miami, this giant buoy marks the southernmost point in the continental United States. It's a pretty big deal in Key West.
Turnbull Ruins in New Smyrna Beach
Turnbull Ruins
in New Smyrna Beach
One of Florida's biggest mysteries is the ruins of an ancient fort that has no historical record of who built it!
Loxahatchee Battlefield Park
in Jupiter
This park offers more than just many miles of hiking trails and canoe rentals ... it is rich with history dating back to the Seminole Wars in the early 1800s.
The famous
The Dry Tortugas
in 70 miles west of Key West
Too far to reach by private boat, this beautiful National Park bears the nickname "Pirate Island of Tortuga" mentioned in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Today's Featured Listing

The Carrabelle Bottle House
in Carrabelle
7 days a week, from 8am - 5pm

He just woke up one day and told his wife, “I want to build a Bottle House.”

Leon Wiesner, a former art professor, had moved to the sleepy town of Carrabelle in the year 2000.  While historically bottle houses have been built out of necessity in places with a surplus of people and a lack of wood, Leon had other reasons. He wanted to create a visual “something-or-other”, and it turned out to be a house!

In early February 2012,  Leon started building a 5 sided bottle house.  Made entirely of glass bottles of all sizes and colors, this house was finished in December 2012 and became a beautiful example of alternative building materials and artistic whimsy.

The house was constructed of over 6,000 bottles, 150 bags of mortar, and other pieces of glass. It was located in a position to catch early morning light from the east and afternoon light from the west.

The house was such a success that Leon has already begun a new structure, and you are welcome to watch the construction process as it unfolds.  This structure is going to be a 12 foot tall light house made entirely from beer bottles and hand made glass. It will feature two sets of revolving lights that show off the tower, and revolving lights on top.

Although the structures sit on private land, they can be seen from the road and are open to the public.  Leon and his wife live in the house made of bottles year round, and you are always invited to come in for a tour!

Building a house made of bottles
Carrabelle Bottle House
Leon Wiesner's House Made of Bottles
Half way through the construction of a glass bottle house
Leon Wiesner Building the Glass Bottle House of Carrabelle
Leon Wiesner's House Made of Glass Bottles