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341 Bardin Rd.
Palatka, FL  32177

The Bardin Booger

Just north of Palatka in the pine flatwoods of Putnam County sits the small community of Bardin. Residents here claim that their woods are haunted by a Bigfoot-like creature with a pig’s nose, a long red tongue, and a stride longer than a human’s.

Sightings began in the early 1970s. Several locals claim to have seen the creature in the area of the local “Lover’s Lane”, and even blame the creature for stealing clothes from their clotheslines. The sheriff’s office sends out a search party from time to time, but nothing is ever found.

The locals have come to know the creature as The Bardin Booger, Booger-Boo, or Booger Man … and it has become somewhat of a local celebrity. Stop by Bud’s Grocery (the unofficial Bardin Booger information center) and pick up a Booger T-shirt. The creature even had a song written about him entitled “The Bardin Booger’s Christmas Wish” by Billy Crain.

Most recent sightings have taken place around Camp Blanding, the Florida National Guard military reservation.

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