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The search for beautiful castles in America brings you to this uniquely constructed castles in Florida which serves as a memorial to Jesus Christ. It was named Castle Otttis with three T's, that symbolizes the three crosses on Calvary where Jesus was crucified. The castle in Florida was built in the 1980s, but was constructed to look ancient. Castle Otttis, the castle in Florida, is rented for private gatherings and events, such as weddings and prayer meditations.

If you are traveling near St. Augustine, Florida, definitely check out this off-beat attraction that most people have never heard of. Sure you've heard of the forts and the ghosts in St. Augustine, but this is truely one of the neatest castles in America, a treasure of architecture that tourists of all ages will love to see. One of the only true castles in Florida, Castle Otttis is a must see on every historical enthusiasts vacation list. If you are an enthusiast for castles in USA or castles in Florida, Castle Otttis in St. Augustine should be on your list of castles in America to see. While not an ancient building or historical relic, this castle in Florida still offers the charm of any other castle in America. Castle Otttis is unique and a little bizarre, and is well worth the time to visit if you are interested in things like castles in Florida.

103 3rd St.
St. Augustine, FL  32084
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Castle Otttis
Call to arrange a private tour.
Castle Otttis in Florida

Jutting from the windswept trees of A1A in St. Augustine is Castle Otttis … yes, Otttis with three T’s … representing the three crosses on Calvary Hill where Jesus was crucified.

This is one of the authentic castles in Florida, built by Rusty Ickes and Ottis Sadler. Its construction was begun without a permit. Once the castle topped the tree line, a permit was granted for a “garage structure”, so this castle is really designated as a garage. The interior has been finished with custom woodwork in the style of a 10th century Irish church. It is interesting to note that this structure is located on the same latitudes as the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

This attraction, one of the few beautifully constructed castles in America, is available (upon request) for private tours, weddings, prayer, meditation, or quiet reflection on Sunday Mornings. All are welcome regardless of belief, culture, ethnicity or orientation. Please, be dignified and respectful.

Castle Otttis in St. Augustine Florida
Castle Otttis in Florida
Castles in America
Castles in Florida
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