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Abandoned Mansion in Tallahassee | Governor's Park in Florida

This abandoned mansion in Tallahassee has a strange history that most people don't know about. If you take a visit to Governor's Park in Florida, you will find this strange abandoned building that looks like it was once a beautiful mansion. Now, it is broken down and deteriorated by time.

If you love abandoned places in Florida then definitely schedule a drive to Governor's Park in Florida to visit this hauntingly abandoned mansion in Tallahassee.

Blairstone Road
Tallahassee, FL  32308

Mansion At Governor’s Park
Old abandoned places

Very little information can be found about this hidden gem of a park, and even less about the abandoned mansion that sits upon its hilltop. The park is located on Blairstone Road between Park Avenue and Mahan Road. Pay close attention, because there are no signs of any kind indicating the entrance to this two hundred acre greenway. Once there, you will find a gorgeous spot for a picnic with your family, a stroll with your dog or even to catch a sight of the top of the Tallahassee capitol building from the hilltop’s beautiful vista.

A short trek up the hill will quickly turn your calm day at the secret park into quite an adventure. There you will find the 19 room 4,000 square foot abandoned mansion that is shrouded in mystery and speculation! This structure, built sometime in the mid-1950s, was owned by Herman Myers, a successful businessman in the 1920s. He owned the Florida Hide and Skin Company and began his own pecan company, then in the 1940s served as President of Temple Israel. The census that year shows him living on North Gadson Street with his wife, Louise.

In 1996, the property was given to the city of Tallahassee. Shortly thereafter, neighbors began to complain that teenagers were using their neighborhood to access the mansion, leaving behind a trail of noise and liter. To solve the problem, the Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department created a dirt parking lot under the Blairstone Road underpass. Photographs from 2003 show the Myers mansion still in nice condition, with landscaped bushes surrounding the front entrance of the home.

Today, all of the windows and doors have been boarded up with an abundance of “No Trespassing” signs posted on the home by the city. It’s amazing how much damage a decade can do to an abandoned home. If you’re ever in the Tallahassee area, this lesser known park is a must-see. Take a picnic lunch, and spend the day wondering about the mysteries of the mansion.

Florida Fringe author Lynn Norris recently visited the abandoned mansion at Governor’s Park. Click Here to watch her video!

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Abandoned Mansion in Tallahassee
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  1. Why is Tallahassee letting this beautiful mansion waste away? There are so many things it could be.

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