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1831 Addison Ct.
Marco Island, FL  34145
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Otter Mound Preserve

Otter Mound and the surrounding property was a home site for early settlers who worked in the Marco Island clamming industry near the Caxambas Village. The “mound” on which Otter Mound Preserve sits was constructed by the Calusa native inhabitants from oyster, clam, lightning whelk, and other shellfish species, and dates back between 700 AD and 1200 AD.

The preserve is named for a previous resident, Ernest Otter, a one-time owner who had occupied the property until 1997. Otter is credited for the unique whelk shell terraces that define the preserves signature man-made feature.

This 2.45 acre preserve is located in a residential area of Marco Island, locally known as the Indian Hills section.

Otter Mound Preserve on Marco Island, FL
Marco Island Otter Mound Preserve
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  1. I like your website. I have a nice photo of the shell wall taken from the front in 1983 as I was staying with my grandparents on the island at the time. They retired on Marco in 1969 and I’ve visited the shell walls at Addison in 69 as well as the top of the lookout tower on Indian Hill. Tiger Tail Beach was very secluded in those days. The last time that I visited Otter Mound Preserve was about ten years ago….before preservation took place. It was in sad shape as it appeared that weeds would destroy the walls. I’m glad that it’s been preserved

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