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ZombiCon | Fort Myers is Alive with the Undead | ZombieCon

ZombieCon is a Halloween block party in Fort Myers, Florida, where people come from all around dressed as zombies. Come have the time of your life when ZombieCon in Fort Myers amps up again in October! Plans are already in the making for this year's ZombiCon in Fort Myers. Make your plans to be in Fort Myers in October to participate in one of the biggest zombie festivals in history! We set the world record for largest gathering of zombies in history, and we plan to break that record again this year! Put ZombieCon on your calendar, dress up like a zombie, and come visit our awesome street party and convention!

If you love zombies and you love parties, then ZombiCon is the place for you! A full weekend convention centeres around Zombicon, with tons of booths inside the convention center where you can see all kinds of awesome things like costumes, comics, sci-fi gatherings, and celebrities. Zombicon is an event that brings people to southwest Florida from all over, dressed as zombies and ready to have a street party like no other. If you love zombies, or just think it would be cool to see an entire downtown full of thousands of people dressed like zombies, than Fort Myers, Florida, Zombicon is the place for you to visit!

Fort Myers, FL  33901
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October 18, 2014

ZombiCon is the largest gathering of Zombies (and those who love them) in the State of Florida, and possibly the WORLD! ZombiCon has been dubbed by Fort Myers city officials as “a bona fide phenomenon”. In just 6 years, this zombie-themed music and art fest has grown into what many say is the single largest gathering of party-goers Downtown Fort Myers has ever seen. Ever!

It began humbly in 2007 when about 350 artists, performers and zombie lovers gathered on The Patio de Leon in Downtown Fort Myers for a celebration of art and zombie culture. Drawing inspiration from George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD, which was filmed in the area, participants dressed as their own version of “The Living Dead” and limped through the historic streets of The River District. You don’t just come to the event…you ARE the event.

Today, participants can attend theatrical workshops, have professional horror make-up applied, dance to live music, enjoy a variety of unique performances, and of course, compete for the Best Zombie Costume! The Zombie virus is spreading at an alarming rate! In just 6 years, ZOMBICON has grown to over 20,000 attendants, with an attempt to break the World Record for “Largest Zombie Gathering”.

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